Giới Thiệu is one of the car and motorbike information website platforms under the AP Global project of Dai Viet Group (established in 2006). After 15 years of construction and development, Dai Viet Group has always maintained its goal of becoming one of the leading corporations in Vietnam and Asia in the field of information technology and communication.

To date, Dai Viet Group has impressed the world with more than 90 websites with diverse content such as automotive, technology and games, dining, women and lifestyle, sports and health, travel. Therefore, has always had only one mission, which is to become the leading car and motorbike news site in Vietnam.

In order to develop themselves to become a necessary fulcrum for readers interested in cars and motorcycles, always puts perfectionism and accuracy first, along with implementing comprehensive, divided content. make many specific categories to help readers easily access the necessary information.

Specifically, includes main categories such as: News; Vehicle reviews; Consulting and Q&A; Discover; Car prices; Motorcycle prices; Experience; Video. Basically, these categories have the following main content.