Where Is Shigure Inks Located: Uncovering The Inks Secret Hideout

Where Is Shigure Inks Located: Uncovering The Inks Secret Hideout

Tsubame Ink Collection Cards From Shigure Inks

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Where Does Pen Ink Come From?

The origins of pen ink are diverse and intriguing, with various sources contributing to its wide range of colors. Black ink, the most common and standard color, is primarily derived from an organic pigment known as carbon. In contrast, colored inks utilize inorganic compounds to achieve their vibrant hues. For instance, chromium is responsible for producing yellow, green, and orange inks, while molybdenum contributes to the creation of orange ink. Cadmium is the key component in crafting red and yellow inks, and iron is responsible for producing blue ink. These pigments are mixed with additives that not only stabilize the ink mixture but also enhance its desirable characteristics, making the ink suitable for various writing and creative purposes. Understanding the diverse origins and components of pen ink sheds light on the fascinating world of ink production.

Where Is Kiwi Inks From?

Kiwi Inks, a brand known for its exceptional fountain pen inks, originates from the picturesque city of Monterey Park, California, USA. These exquisite inks are meticulously handcrafted by a dedicated team led by Kapui Huang at Kiwi. The hallmark of their craftsmanship lies in their distinctive line of fountain pen inks, where each bottle undergoes a labor-intensive, artisanal process. This process includes meticulously blending the ink, hand-painting each label, and individually stamping every box, showcasing the team’s unwavering commitment to quality and uniqueness.

Where Does Fountain Pen Ink Come From?

Fountain pen ink is a liquid substance primarily composed of dyes, water, and various supplementary components. These additives serve different purposes, such as surfactants, which are included to alter the ink’s surface tension for smoother writing. pH modifiers are incorporated to adjust the ink’s acidity or alkalinity, ensuring optimal performance. Additionally, biocides are sometimes added to inhibit the growth of mold or bacteria within the ink, preserving its quality. While traditional inks typically rely on dyes for coloration, it’s worth noting that some newer ink formulations utilize pigments instead, although these pigmented inks remain relatively uncommon in the market. (Original date: September 29, 2017)

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Shikiori Fountain Pen Ink, 20 Ml, #201 Shigure (Winter Rain) – St. Louis  Art Supply
Shikiori Fountain Pen Ink, 20 Ml, #201 Shigure (Winter Rain) – St. Louis Art Supply

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Tsubame Ink Collection Cards from Shigure Inks
Tsubame Ink Collection Cards from Shigure Inks

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