TrueMove H: Giving | truemove balance

TrueMove H: Giving

นอกจากการดูบทความนี้แล้ว คุณยังสามารถดูข้อมูลที่เป็นประโยชน์อื่นๆ อีกมากมายที่เราให้ไว้ที่นี่: ดูเพิ่มเติม

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TrueMove H: Giving

Silence of love (Official English Subtitle) TVC Thai Life Insurance

Remember to care for those who care for you.
Thai Life Insurance (Thailand)

Silence of love (Official English Subtitle) TVC Thai Life Insurance

Powerful Inspirational true story…Never give up!

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When you Don’t give up..You cannot fail!!
More on that at my newest website:
I want to say a BIG thank you to ‘everyone’ who has commented on the inspiration that they’ve received from this video. When I put this video together I was following my heart to inspire ‘Whoever’ might be discouraged to… \”Not Give Up!\”
However, I have received the most from this posting. I have been blessed from the countless strangers who have directly (or indirectly) motivated me to continue forward.
I did not know when I posted this video that ‘exactly a year after posting this video that I would experience a tragic loss. Life has a strange way of holding us up in our time of need.
May we all spread the message of hope
\”Don’t Give Up\”!
Warmest wishes,
Connie Lynne

Powerful Inspirational true story...Never give up!


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⬇⬆K̎̾̾̎̉̎̾̾̎͌̎̾̾̎̐̎̾̾̎̌̎̾̾̎̋̎̾̾̎̎̎̾̾̎̓̎̾̾̎̎̾̾̎̈̎̾̾̎̈̎̾̾̎̎̾̾̎̓̎̾̾̎̎̎̾̾̎̋̎̾̾̎̌̎̾̾̎̐̎̾̾̎͌̎̾̾̎̉̎̾̾̎̕̕y̎̾̾̎̉̎̾̾̎͌̎̾̾̎̐̎̾̾̎̌̎̾̾̎̋̎̾̾̎̎̎̾̾̎̓̎̾̾̎̎̾̾̎̈̎̾̾̎̈̎̾̾̎̎̾̾̎̓̎̾̾̎̎̎̾̾̎̋̎̾̾̎̌̎̾̾̎̐̎̾̾̎͌̎̾̾̎̉̎̾̾̎̕̕a̎̾̾̎̉̎̾̾̎͌̎̾̾̎̐̎̾̾̎̌̎̾̾̎̋̎̾̾̎̎̎̾̾̎̓̎̾̾̎̎̾̾̎̈̎̾̾̎̈̎̾̾̎̎̾̾̎̓̎̾̾̎̎̎̾̾̎̋̎̾̾̎̌̎̾̾̎̐̎̾̾̎͌̎̾̾̎̉̎̾̾̎̕̕w̎̾̾̎̉̎̾̾̎͌̎̾̾̎̐̎̾̾̎̌̎̾̾̎̋̎̾̾̎̎̎̾̾̎̓̎̾̾̎̎̾̾̎̈̎̾̾̎̈̎̾̾̎̎̾̾̎̓̎̾̾̎̎̎̾̾̎̋̎̾̾̎̌̎̾̾̎̐̎̾̾̎͌̎̾̾̎̉̎̾̾̎̕̕ ̎̾̾̎̉̎̾̾̎͌̎̾̾̎̐̎̾̾̎̌̎̾̾̎̋̎̾̾̎̎̎̾̾̎̓̎̾̾̎̎̾̾̎̈̎̾̾̎̈̎̾̾̎̎̾̾̎̓̎̾̾̎̎̎̾̾̎̋̎̾̾̎̌̎̾̾̎̐̎̾̾̕̕ M̎̾̾̎̉̎̾̾̎͌̎̾̾̎̐̎̾̾̎̌̎̾̾̎̋̎̾̾̎̎̎̾̾̎̓̎̾̾̎̎̾̾̎̈̎̾̾̎̈̎̾̾̎̎̾̾̎̓̎̾̾̎̎̎̾̾̎̋̎̾̾̎̌̎̾̾̎̐̎̾̾̎͌̎̾̾̎̉̎̾̾̎̕̕i̎̾̾̎̉̎̾̾̎͌̎̾̾̎̐̎̾̾̎̌̎̾̾̎̋̎̾̾̎̎̎̾̾̎̓̎̾̾̎̎̾̾̎̈̎̾̾̎̈̎̾̾̎̎̾̾̎̓̎̾̾̎̎̎̾̾̎̋̎̾̾̎̌̎̾̾̎̐̎̾̾̎͌̎̾̾̎̉̎̾̾̎̕̕n̎̾̾̎̉̎̾̾̎͌̎̾̾̎̐̎̾̾̎̌̎̾̾̎̋̎̾̾̎̎̎̾̾̎̓̎̾̾̎̎̾̾̎̈̎̾̾̎̈̎̾̾̎̎̾̾̎̓̎̾̾̎̎̎̾̾̎̋̎̾̾̎̌̎̾̾̎̐̎̾̾̎͌̎̾̾̎̉̎̾̾̎̕̕ ̎̾̾̎̉̎̾̾̎͌̎̾̾̎̐̎̾̾̎̌̎̾̾̎̋̎̾̾̎̎̎̾̾̎̓̎̾̾̎̎̾̾̎̈̎̾̾̎̈̎̾̾̎̕̕ A̎̾̾̎̉̎̾̾̎͌̎̾̾̎̐̎̾̾̎̌̎̾̾̎̋̎̾̾̎̎̎̾̾̎̓̎̾̾̎̎̾̾̎̈̎̾̾̎̈̎̾̾̎̎̾̾̎̓̎̾̾̎̎̎̾̾̎̋̎̾̾̎̌̎̾̾̎̐̎̾̾̎͌̎̾̾̎̉̎̾̾̎̕̕u̎̾̾̎̉̎̾̾̎͌̎̾̾̎̐̎̾̾̎̌̎̾̾̎̋̎̾̾̎̎̎̾̾̎̓̎̾̾̎̎̾̾̎̈̎̾̾̎̈̎̾̾̎̎̾̾̎̓̎̾̾̎̎̎̾̾̎̋̎̾̾̎̌̎̾̾̎̐̎̾̾̎͌̎̾̾̎̉̎̾̾̎̕̕n̎̾̾̎̉̎̾̾̎͌̎̾̾̎̐̎̾̾̎̌̎̾̾̎̋̎̾̾̎̎̎̾̾̎̓̎̾̾̎̎̾̾̎̈̎̾̾̎̕g̎̾̾̎̉̎̾̾̎͌̎̾̾̎̐̎̾̾̎̌̎̾̾̎̋̎̾̾̎̎̎̾̾̎̓̎̾̾̎̎̾̈̎̾̕
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