기차 찌는 법: 최고의 비결은 무엇일까요? [클릭하세요!]

기차 찌는 법

기차 찌는 법 (Train Etiquette in Korea)

Traveling by train in Korea is a common mode of transportation, not only for locals but also for tourists. The railway system in Korea is well-connected and integrated, providing easy and efficient transportation options across the country. When taking the train in Korea, it is essential to know the proper etiquette to ensure a smooth and comfortable journey for everyone.

In this article, we will discuss various aspects of taking the train in Korea, including ticketing, train facilities, safety regulations, and common courtesy. We will also answer some frequently asked questions regarding train travel in Korea.

기차에 맞춰 체크인하기 (Checking-in for the Train)

Before boarding the train, passengers need to check-in at the designated counter, similar to airports. This process ensures that the passengers’ tickets and identification are verified and helps to maintain security and orderliness. Passengers can either print their tickets or show them on their mobile devices to the counter staff. Additionally, passengers need to arrive at the station at least 20-30 minutes before departure to complete the check-in process.

기차 권석 예매 방법 (Booking Train Seats)

Korea has an advanced railway reservation system that allows passengers to book their preferred seats. The KTX (Korea Train Express) and other high-speed trains have various classes, including first-class and economy class. Passengers can choose their seats and classes depending on their budget and preferences. It is best to book tickets in advance, especially during peak seasons or holidays, to avoid any inconvenience.

기차 내부 시설과 도착 예정 시간 파악하기 (Train Facilities and Arrival Time)

Most trains in Korea have comfortable seats, air-conditioning, and ample space for baggage storage. High-speed trains like the KTX also have snack bars, charging outlets, and free Wi-Fi. To maximize the train experience, passengers can bring snacks or buy some from the snack bar, charge their devices using the outlets, and connect their devices to the Wi-Fi.

Train schedules can vary depending on the type of train and the destination. Passengers can check the departure and arrival time on the train schedule board in the station or on the railway website.

기차 안전 규정 알아보기 (Train Safety Regulations)

Train travel is generally considered safe in Korea, but it is essential to follow the safety regulations to avoid any accidents or mishaps. Smoking is strictly prohibited on all trains, and passengers need to refrain from eating or drinking excessively. Littering is also not allowed, and passengers need to dispose of their trash correctly.

In case of an emergency, passengers can use the emergency brakes located on the ceiling of the train. Moreover, all trains have first-aid kits, and passengers can seek help from the train staff in case of any medical emergencies.

기차 승강장 위치 파악하기 (Locating the Train Station)

Korea’s train stations are typically located in central areas and are easily accessible by public transportation. The KTX and other high-speed trains typically depart from major stations, such as Seoul Station, Busan Station, and Incheon International Airport Station. Local trains, on the other hand, have many stations, depending on the route.

To reach the train station, passengers can use buses, subway trains, or taxis, depending on their location. The train station’s location can be found on online maps or by asking for directions from locals.

기차 이동 경로 찾기 (Finding Train Routes)

Korea’s railway routes cover most parts of the country, including major cities, smaller towns, and tourist attractions. The most convenient way to find train routes is to use the online search feature available on the railway official website (https://www.letskorail.com/ebizbf/EbizBfKrPassSearch.do). This feature allows passengers to enter their departure and arrival stations and displays all the available train options, schedules, and fares.

Alternatively, passengers can also check the train route map, which is available at the train stations or online, to get an idea of the route and the various stops.

기차 이용시 필요한 준비물 (Essentials for Train Travel)

To make the most of the train travel experience in Korea, passengers can prepare a few essential items beforehand. These include comfortable clothing, light snacks, a water bottle, a power bank, headphones, and a light blanket. Additionally, it is best to bring a small bag or a backpack to keep all the items easily accessible during the journey.

기차 안에서의 행동 예절 (Etiquette on the Train)

Passengers need to follow some basic guidelines to ensure that everyone can enjoy a peaceful and comfortable journey on the train. Firstly, passengers need to keep their voices low and avoid talking loudly on mobile devices. Secondly, passengers need to stay in their seats and avoid moving around unnecessarily.

Thirdly, passengers need to be mindful of their personal space and avoid occupying extra seats with their bags or belongings. Furthermore, passengers need to be courteous and considerate towards others, especially pregnant women, the elderly, and passengers with disabilities.

기차 이용시 궁금한 문의하기 (FAQs)

Q1. What is the difference between high-speed trains (KTX) and local trains?
A1. High-speed trains like KTX are faster and cover long distances, whereas local trains make frequent stops and cover shorter distances.

Q2. Can I eat or drink on the train?
A2. Eating lightly is allowed, but passengers need to be mindful of the smell and cleanliness. Drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited on all trains.

Q3. Are there any luggage restrictions?
A3. Passengers can carry a maximum of two pieces of luggage, not exceeding 160 centimeters in total length. Moreover, passengers need to keep their luggage in designated storage areas and avoid blocking the aisles.

Q4. How do I buy train tickets in Korea?
A4. Passengers can purchase train tickets online via the railway official website or buy them at the train stations’ ticket counter.


Taking the train in Korea is a seamless and efficient way to travel across the country, whether for business or leisure. By following the proper etiquette and guidelines, passengers can ensure a smooth and comfortable journey and make the most of their train travel experience in Korea. Whether you’re planning to take a high-speed train or a local train, the tips and information in this article can help you prepare and enjoy your travel to the fullest.

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기차 더쿠

기차 더쿠, 더욱 편리한 철도 여행

차의 속도가 빨라지고, 길을 따라 이동하는 모든 차량이 늘어나면서 교통 체증은 절로 심각해졌습니다. 특히, 도시 간 이동이 많은 분들께서는 교통 체증으로 인한 스트레스와 시간적 제약 때문에 여행 계획을 쉽게 세울 수 없습니다. 따라서 저렴하고 효율적인 이동 방법으로 선택되는 철도 여행은 지금도 많은 사람들이 희망하는 이동 수단 중 하나입니다.

그리고 2016년 4월 29일, 하나의 경험으로 타고 넘어갈 수 있는 철도 여행을 계획하는 분들에게 좋은 소식이 전해졌습니다. 바로 기차 더쿠가 운행된다는 소식입니다. 기차 더쿠는 북초 텀블러에서 고가의 빛이 잠긴 하늘에서 벗어나 난 태양과 더불어 나아가는 아름다운 경관을 배경으로 한 “시간 여행”을 즐길 수 있는 인기 있는 철도 여행입니다.

기차 더쿠의 역사와 특징

기차 더쿠는 울주라는 지역에서 만든 “구리”열차입니다. 한 철도 회사에서 경영하는 여러 차종과 달리, 기차 더쿠는 2015년 부터 만들어진 1회용 기차로 각 포장마다 이름표가 붙는 등 아름답고 매력적인 디자인으로 파견됩니다. 오리지널 컨셉트를 바탕으로 기차 더쿠는 기존의 기차 여행과는 다른 색다른 여행감성을 추구합니다. 2016년 4월 29일 첫 출행부터 오랜 시간 동안 여행객들에게 많은 인기를 끌었습니다.

그리고 린화백선이라는 기차에 더쿠 컨셉트가 적용 된 것이 2020년 6월입니다. 기존의 린화백선에서 새롭게 기차 더쿠 패키지가 적용된 것이며 외관과 인테리어 모두 새로워졌습니다.

이제부터 기차 더쿠에 대한 기본 정보를 알아봅시다.

* 기차 더쿠 운행 일정 및 소요 시간
– 울주 -> 여수연구재단 (편도) 3시간 40분
– 여수연구재단 -> 울주 (편도) 3시간 50분

기차 더쿠는 해당 구간을 하루 1회 운행하며, 울주에서 시작하여 여수의 정문 지점인 여수연구재단으로 직행 운행합니다. 기차 더쿠의 소요 시간은 대략 3시간 40분 정도인데, 길이가 더 길지만 경치가 더욱 아름다운 야간 소도시 구간을 지날 경우 10분 정도 추가 됩니다.

* 좌석 및 요금 정보
– 일반실 : 최대 66인, 1인 78,000원
– VIP실 : 최대 16인, 1인 220,000원

기차 더쿠는 최대 66명이 탈 수 있는 일반실과 최대 16명이 탈 수 있는 VIP실을 제공하며, 좌석은 일반실과 VIP실 모두 2인석, 4인석, 6인석이 있습니다. 일반실은 1인당 78,000원, VIP실은 1인당 220,000원으로 요금은 일반실 2인석이나 4인석을 이용하면 더 저렴합니다.

* 기차 더쿠 예약 방법
기차 더쿠는 기존의 철도 여행과는 다르게, 인터넷 예약 시스템이 존재하지 않습니다. 기차 더쿠를 이용하려면 다음의 방법으로 예약해야 합니다.

– 예약 전화 : 070-7373-0707
– 이메일 문의 : [email protected]

기차 더쿠는 인터넷 예약이 불가능하지만, 전화나 이메일 문의를 통해 예약이 가능합니다. 그리고 예약 가능 시기는 운행 전 1개월까지이며 카드결제 방식만 가능합니다. 이외에도 다음의 예약 조건을 확인해주시기 바랍니다.

– 운행 전 1개월까지 예약이 가능합니다.
– 예약 취소는 출발 7일 이전까지에만 가능합니다.
– 예약 변경은 불가능합니다. (예약을 취소하여 새 예약을 해야 합니다.)
– 도시락과 음료의 예약은 픽업 시 가능합니다.
– 사이트 혼잡으로 발생하는 예약 오류 및 기타 문제에 대해서는 기차 더쿠가 책임지지 않습니다.

이제부터는 자주 묻는 질문(FAQs)들을 알아봅시다.

1) 기차 더쿠에서는 어떤 가방을 가져와야 하나요?
– 기차 더쿠는 특히 야간 운행에서 일어나는 범죄 예방을 위해 대형 캐리어 또는 여행용 가방을 제한합니다. 따라서 기차 더쿠 여행 시, 소형 여행가방은 권장합니다.

2) 기차 더쿠에서는 동물과 함께 탑승할 수 있나요?
– 기차 더쿠는 동물 탑승을 허용하지 않습니다.

3) 기차 더쿠에서 제공하는 식사는 어떤 종류인가요?
– 기차 더쿠는 이용 객에게 피크닉 스타일의 식사를 제공합니다. 오전 운행에서는 픽닉 샌드위치와 음료가, 오후 운행에서는 픽업가능한 도시락을 제공합니다.음식 선택은 예약 시에 가능하므로 참고하시기 바랍니다.

4) 기차 더쿠는 휠체어 이용자도 탑승할 수 있나요?
– 기차 더쿠는 휠체어 이용자 탑승을 허용하지 않습니다.

5) 기차 더쿠 운행 중에 화장실을 이용할 수 있나요?
– 기차 더쿠에는 화장실이 있지만, 법인 문자 메시지 전반에 걸쳐 비상 화장실 사용 시 비수면 가슴 닿지 않을 곳에 화장실 사용 가능한 버튼으로 대체하여 출현하여 운행이 이루어집니다.

6) 기차 더쿠는 야간 운행도 가능한가요?
– 기차 더쿠는 새벽/야간 운행이 가능합니다. 특히 주말 이틀 날짜를 사이클로 돌면서 출발합니다.

기차 더쿠는 철도 여행에서 색다른 경험을 원하는 분들에게 추천할 만한 인기 있는 관광 명소입니다. 아름다운 경치와 함께 철도 여행으로 시간을 여행하는 여러분들의 달콤한 기억으로 남을 최고의 선택이 될 수 있습니다. 더불어 각종 각종 사항을 반드시 확인하여 아름다운 경치를 즐기는 신나는 여행을 계획해 보십시오.

다음 기차 터졌을 때

다음 기차 터졌을 때 – When the Next Train Derails

On May 21st, 2021, a subway train derailed in Seoul, South Korea, leaving 2 dead and over 100 injured. This tragic event has raised questions about the safety and maintenance of Korea’s subway system, as well as the response to emergencies. Let’s take a closer look at what happened and what steps are being taken to prevent future accidents.

What happened?

At around 7:30 pm on May 21st, subway line 2 train 214 was traveling from Jamsil Station to Sindorim Station when it derailed between Guro Station and Geumcheon-gu Office Station. The train driver reported a strange noise and smoke, leading to an emergency stop. However, the train continued to move and eventually derailed, causing multiple cars to crash into walls and pillars. The exact cause is under investigation, but initial reports suggest that a faulty and aged coupler (the mechanism that joins train cars) could have played a role.

What were the consequences?

The derailed train caused chaos and panic among passengers, many of whom were trapped inside the cars. Emergency services arrived quickly and began rescue operations. They extricated passengers using special equipment and tools, transferring them to local hospitals for treatment. Sadly, two female passengers lost their lives, with another 12 in critical condition. Over 99 others sustained minor to moderate injuries, from cuts and bruises to fractures and head injuries.

The accident had a significant effect on Seoul’s public transportation system, with subway line 2 shutting down for four full days and partial shutdowns continuing for several days after that. With over 2.5 million daily riders, the line 2 closure meant massive disruptions to people’s daily routines and commutes.

What is being done to prevent future accidents?

The South Korean government and the Seoul Metropolitan Government are taking several measures to prevent future subway accidents. These include:

1. Conducting thorough investigations: Following the accident, the government launched an in-depth investigation into the root cause(s) of the derailment. Various measures are underway, with the final results expected in a few weeks. The aim is to understand what went wrong and take steps to avoid such incidents in the future.

2. Consistent maintenance of the subway system: The government is implementing rigorous maintenance practices and inspections of the subway’s infrastructure, tracks, couplers, mechanical and electrical systems, and more. These inspections will help identify potential issues before they escalate and allow the necessary repairs or system updates.

3. Preventive measures: The government is putting in place preventive measures to safeguard passenger safety, including a regular cross-inspection system by experts. This will involve auditing and verifying the maintenance of subway infrastructure and equipment periodically. Additionally, the government and subway operators are enhancing real-time monitoring and surveillance systems to ensure early detection of potential dangers.

4. Improving emergency response capabilities: The government is also working on improving response times and effectiveness during emergencies. This includes overhauling many subway station layouts and equipment to bolster their ability to handle sudden incidents better. Additionally, the government is exploring improvements in communication capabilities, developing inter-organizational response plans and training first responders and health workers to respond professionally in emergencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Korea’s subway system safe?
A: Korea’s subway system is generally safe, though not without issues. According to the Korea Transport Institute, the number of subway accidents in Korea has decreased consistently over the past several years. However, this accident highlights the need for continued developments and measures to ensure public safety.

Q: Can I get compensation if I was injured on the subway?
A: Yes. The Korean government offers compensation for subway accidents, whether you were a passenger or a bystander. You can seek compensation from operators, the subway company, or a government-affiliated agency overseeing compensation. Contact a lawyer or an experienced legal professional for more information.

Q: What can I do to protect myself and others when riding the subway?
A: Be mindful of your surroundings, stay alert for sudden movements or strange noises, and always hold onto something in case of sudden stops or movements. If you feel unwell or experience discomfort, ask for assistance from a subway staff member or passenger. Obey all subway rules and regulations, such as no smoking, littering, or eating or drinking while riding the subway.


The May 21st subway derailment in Seoul was a tragic accident that has highlighted the importance of ongoing safety measures and improvements in Korea’s subway system. While investigations continue into what caused the accident, the government and subway operators are taking steps to prevent future incidents and enhance emergency response capabilities. As passengers, subway officials, and members of the public, we all need to be vigilant and work together to ensure a safe and reliable subway system for all.

주제와 관련된 이미지 기차 찌는 법

기차 예매할 때 꿀팁! 이거 모르면 나만 손해봅니다 #기차 #KTX #예매
기차 예매할 때 꿀팁! 이거 모르면 나만 손해봅니다 #기차 #KTX #예매

기차 찌는 법 주제와 관련된 이미지 41개를 찾았습니다.

Train#Training#Trainee기차 철도 모형 미니어쳐 디오라마 Ktx산천 Trains S-Train Train On Old  Trains 여행 만들기 놀이 취미 생활 - Youtube
Train#Training#Trainee기차 철도 모형 미니어쳐 디오라마 Ktx산천 Trains S-Train Train On Old Trains 여행 만들기 놀이 취미 생활 – Youtube

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